Syd Weinstein

Strategic Advisor and
Board Member

A board level executive who takes both the helicopter view of business goals and the supporting role of Information Technology, particularly, cybersecurity. He has advised many companies on growing their SaaS businesses including pricing structures, product road map, development strategies, security, and customer experience. Expansive experience in linking technology to overall business strategy, operations, and people. Sees the total picture across all corporate functions and the interdependency of operations, finance, technology, marketing, sales and how to harmonize their contribution to a goal.

With his leadership, Mr. Weinstein guides teams, across disciplines and borders, to create breakthrough solutions to seemingly impossible to solve or intractable problems. He is the ultimate puzzle master who takes apart a problem and puts the parts together to solve it efficiently and cleanly with nothing wasted or left over. Mr. Weinstein is a strategic planner with a deep history of engineering solutions to complex technology and operational issues that are obstacles to growth and